Calm - Moonage Electric Ensemble

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自身のリリースはもちろんのこと、昨今は再発専科[First on Vinyl]のキュレーションでも話題を呼んでいる日本の古参DJ/プロデューサー、Calmが1999年にリリースした『Moonage Electric Ensemble』。数々の名曲・名盤を残してきた氏の作品群の中でも屈指の人気を誇ってきたその大名盤が、リリースから20年以上の時を経てこのたび[Hell Yeah]からついに再発。オリジナル・バージョンは全曲ミックスからやり直しており、さらに、そのパーツから構築した新たなダブ・バージョンがボーナス・ディスクとして付属するという、単なる再発とは一線を画したじつに力の入った大充実の2枚組仕様となっています。個人的にも当時愛聴していたじつに思い出深い一枚です。大推薦盤!(Morihiro)

Following on from the warm reception to Hell Yeah and Music Conception reissuing Calm's cult Before album, the labels have come together once more to offer up a reissue of the Japanese master's highly sought-after long player Moonage Electric Ensemble. The hard-to-find original has been given an all-new mixdown from original stem files and then re-mastered by Calm himself, and the double LP will also come with a bonus 12" featuring his very own Daydream Dubs plus an obi-strip and original artwork by FJD.

The blissful yet soul-stirring Moonage Electric Ensemble, which landed first in 1999, was Kiyotaka Fukagawa's stunning sophomore album and the one that kept the bar high following his debut Shadow of the Earth. It investigated all new worlds of future jazz, ambient and downtempo and has since become a cult classic that often fetches three figures on secondhand markets. He has released over 18 albums since including Before which was reissued in 2022, though Moonage Electric Ensemble remains a favourite with those who enjoy the most accomplished and innovative sounds from the first wave of chillout.

This escapist charmer opens with the suspensory synths and piano keys of 'Unseen Small Steps' featuring spoken words from Dan Gamble, then 'Light Year' has gently tumbling rhythms and shimming synth moving about the soothing mix. 'Noon At The Moon' brings gorgeously fizzing future jazz drums and mellifluous piano playing full of subtle joy, and 'The Other Side Of The Moon' then layers up melancholic chords and chunkier rhythms that are detailed with gorgeous persuasive details and mystic flutes. 'Tsukiyo' is a new age charmer with paddy hand drums and romantic interplay between sax and trumpet, 'Between Worlds' is an ambient interlude with distant winds blowing and intimate whispers from Gamble before closer 'Authentic Love Song' rides on dusty trip hop breaks as lazy piano chords melt the heart and Gamble serves up another aloof monologue.

This is another welcome reissue of a sublime album that is not only one of Calm's finest but also a true gem in the wider world of downtempo music.

Artist: Calm
Title: Moonage Electric Ensemble
Label: Hell Yeah Recordings

A1: Unseen Small Steps
A2: Light Years
A3: Noon at the Moon
A4: The Other Side of the Moon
B1: Tsukiyo
B2: Between Worlds
B3: Authentic Love Song
B4: Oasis
C1: Light Years (Dub)
C2: Noon at the Moon (Dub)
C3: The Other Side of the Moon (Dub)
D1: Tsukiyo (Dub)
D2: Authentic Love Song(Dub)
D3: Oasis (Dub)


販売価格 4,900円(税込)
型番 HYR7267