Scientific Map feat. Rey Khan - Sunrise

If you are a true fan of Anthony Nicholson aka Miquifaye and Clairaudience; then join us as we celebrate a full circle moment with this release. We are privileged to present Sunrise ? Scientific Map feat Rey Khan. Scientific Map is led by guitarist Matt Hudson, with Will Baggett-bass, Dave Holloway-keys & Anthony Reid- drums. Matt has been a session musician of Miquifaye Studios and is one of it’s All Stars for over 15 years and recorded on countless Anthony Nicholson Classics.

Artist: Scientific Map feat. Rey Khan
Title: Sunrise
Label: Clairaudience
Format: 12"

A1: Sunrise (Miquifaye mix)
B1: Sunrise (Miquifaye Adlibstrumix)


入荷日: 2022年10月21日
販売価格 2,550円(税込)
型番 CA-139