V.A. - A Touch Of Love EP2

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Slip 'n' Slide, Defected、Strictly Rhythmといったレーベルを歴任し、現在はGlitterboxとSoulfuric RecordingsのA&Rを努めているUKの古参Seamus Hajiが主宰する[Big Love]から、先日のEP1に続く第2弾がお目見え。Debbie Jacobs、Saucy Lady、JKriv、Angela Johnsonなどの豪華なメンツが集った、今回も[Defected]や[Glitterbox]直系といえそうなハウス〜ブギーEPに仕上がっています!(Morihiro)

Big Love boss Seamus Haji commits four of the label’s latest cuts to wax for the second edition of ‘A Touch Of Love’. Kicking off the A-Side, Dirty Channels’ dreamy disco cut ‘Let Love In’ sets the tone, soul-steeped with a heavy dose of funk. Up next, Seamus’ remix of Brazilian house legend DJ Meme ‘I Can’t Get You (Out Of My Mind)’ follows, a silky down-tempo cut with flawless composition. On the flip, Boston singer-songwriter Saucy Lady delivers ‘Reunite Under Starlight’, exuding confidence and sensuality on the 70s inspired cut. Finally, Razor-N-Tape boss JKriv closes out the EP with ‘Not That Serious’ featuring Angela Johnson, a soulful and uplifting dancefloor track that’s an authentic slice of disco goodness.

Artist: V.A.
Title: A Touch Of Love EP1
Label: Big Love
Format: 12"

A1: Dirty Channels - Let Love In (feat Debbie Jacobs - vocal mix)
A2: DJ Meme - I Can't Get You (Out Of My Mind) (Seamus Haji mix)
B1: Saucy Lady - Reunite Under Starlight
B2: JKriv - Not That Serious (feat Angela Johnson)


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型番 BL128