Portable - My Light Of Yesterday

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In the wake of Portable’s acclaimed album My Sentient Shadow comes a trio of remixes which expand on his unique slant on techno and synth-pop. Finding three artists who reflect his own experimental tendencies within dance music, Alan Abraham’s original productions head into unexpected new places while retaining the physical, club-ready energy he manages to instill in his own creations.
A true auteur within techno, DJ Qu brings a sense of poise and drama to ‘The Spacetime Curvature’ as he patiently builds the track into a fierce peak time monster driven by snarling bass and his signature sizzling, shuffled percussion.
Patrice Scott has a reliably smooth, immersive approach to deep Detroit house, and it lends itself beautifully to Abraham’s melancholic vocal on ‘I Feel Stronger Now’.
Leaning in on the jazz dimension of his wide-ranging electronica, Call Super revels in the sweetness of ‘Ripple Effect’ and places delicate piano playing upfront before slipping into a relaxed, sentimental kind of garage and eventually edging towards an uplifting, off-centre strain of house music.
Individual in their own right and yet naturally entwined with the emotional intention of the original versions, this is a set of remixes which pay full credit to the source material while offering something you won’t expect, like a great remix should do.

Artist: Portable
Title: My Light Of Yesterday
Label: Circus Company
Format: 12"

A1: The Spacetime Curvature (DJ Qu remix)
A2: I Feel Stronger Now (Patrice Scott remix)
B1: Ripple Effect (Call Super remix)


販売価格 1,590円(税込)
型番 CCS122