V.A. - Remixes Rarities & VIPs Vol. 2

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Mr PC aka Peter Croceが主宰するデトロイトの[Rocksteady Disco]の新作は、Dazzle DrumsやBlair Frenchらがリミックスを手がけたモダンでウォームなアフロ・ハウス〜ブギー集。広範囲に楽しんでもらえるだろう、捨て曲無しのおすすめ盤です! (Morihiro)

Rocksteady Disco returns with a remix record for the first time since 2018, with new versions from Igor B, Blair French, Dazzle Drums, and Eddie Logix. The whole EP takes heavy inspiration from Pan-African sounds, with Ontario-based Igor B leading the release with a drum and sub bass heavy dance floor reimagining of Moonlighter’s iconic “Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)”. Blair French picks up where Igor left off, channeling his inner King Sunny Ade for his remix of Sol Power All-Star’s “Every Time You Move”. He taps in Jazzanova’s Paul Randolph for electric bass duties, dubs out Frank Martin’s (Elcados, Shina Peters, Tyna Onwudiwem, and many more) guitar, and extends DC-based Besufekad Tadesse’s baritone sax solo for afro dance floor bliss. The flip side goes even deeper, with Tokyo-based Dazzle Drums giving Eddie Logix’s “Sunday Palaver” the hi-fi Afro Tech treatment, perfect for those dingy after hours parties. The release closes with Eddie Logix’s reinterpretation of Nois Land’s cult classic “Big Kahuna”, reimagining it in a balearic-esque disco-not-disco mid-tempo stomper that highlights Peter Croce’s electric guitar performance.

Artist: V.A.
Title: Remixes Rarities & VIPs Vol. 2
Label: Rocksteady Disco
Format: 12"

A1: Moonlighter - Give Us Rain (Ah Mila) (Igor B Remix) 06:37
A2: Sol Power All-Stars - Every Time You Move feat. Amma Whatt (Blair French Remix) 07:15
B1: Eddie Logix - Sunday Palaver (Dazzle Drums Remix) 06:30
B2: Big Kahuna (Eddie Logix Remix) 07:31


販売価格 1,890円(税込)
型番 RSD023